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Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Leaving the Jar in Africa

Image by Thomas Bennie


Leaving the Jar was launched in Kenya in 2012 and has served over 300 women since then. The program was launched to rescue and rehabilitate any women caught in trafficking or prostitution. Currently, 11 ladies are part of the program. They take part in weekly spiritual meetings. They also train in workshops for different job skills. LTJ provides group and individual counseling and regular house visit. In January 2022, they will begin skills training according to their individualized talents.



In 2020, Leaving the Jar launched the Empowering Women Project, a fruit packaging and selling business. This project provides the women in the program a place to work and an income to make and keep for themselves. Currently, the program in Zambia includes 10 survivors who are all working in the business and have been able to sustain themselves. As another part of the rehabilitation program, they take part in weekly spiritual meetings and regular group and individual counseling sessions. 

Image by Mahmoud Diab


In Egypt, MFC's Samira's Assistance Program serves in the same capacity as Leaving the Jar. The mission of the program is to support students living in poverty to finish their education and have an opportunity to receive a higher degree. Through this support, the girls are given access to a different path than one that leads to poverty and prostitution. Donations through this program pay for the students' tuition fees, and other expenses such as dorms, textbooks, and clothes.

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