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Story Behind the Name

In John chapter 4, we read a beautiful story- a story of redemption, transformation, and love so unconditional. A story that can revive someone to have living water and leads to freedom. Leaving the Jar is about serving others in making them free, and to have a choice to drink from this living water that our God offers us. In this story, the Samaritan woman left her Jar behind to drink from the living water that Jesus offered her. She left all her burdens behind to look on things ahead. She left her life, her shame, her troubles, and her jar, to allow her to be a new person and be loved by God so unconditionally to the point of breaking free from her past.  Leaving the Jar is a name that represents what the Samaritan woman left behind in order to attain the Kingdom of God. She went and told everyone about what Jesus did for her, and we wish to do the same.

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